This site first published May 2001,
revised and updated April 2006.

The main purpose for this site is more for you to enjoy affordable art than to make a business. My pleasure is to make you
discover, through my paintings, an image of life in this region of the Highlands, its nature, wildlife and breathtaking landscapes.

y prices, based on those practiced here for tourists and local people, are affordable :
- Everything is homemade, including this site, which allows me to maintain my costs as low as possible, without intermediary or advertising expenses,
while choosing high quality "artist" materials and tools that I may renew, through selling my productions.
- On the other hand, my objective is not to derive an income from my paintings. I do not bill my time, and aim at allowing everybody to acquire
artistic or decorative objects, that they may appreciate without reservations.

Main Tariff and Basic PRICES :

My Works
Tourism in
Pastels and watercolours, available either "framed" or "mounted", can be dispatched by post, free of charge inside U.K,
but with additional Overseas Post & Packing and optional insurance costs.

The mount is a color matching cardboard border surrounding the picture. According to the size of the original, this
border may add a proportional 4.5 to 7.5 cm (2 to 3 inch) to each side of the original.
Frames are good quality standard wooden mouldings of medium profile (one inch average), complete with hardboard back,
hanging facilities, and an unbreakable clear acrylic glass sheet.

As prices may vary according to different factors (not only the size, but also complexity of the work,
colours used, kind of support, difficulties and time spent), each price is an average for the size given.
and Pastels

(size is of the original
picture itself,
without mount)
Average Sizes Mounted Framed
Picture = 31 x 21 cm
Mount 16x12"
£ 35.00 £ 45.00
Picture = 35 x 24 cm
Mount 18x14"
£ 38.00 £ 50.00
Picture = 40 x 30 cm
Mount 20x16"
£ 43.00
£ 55.00
Picture = 44 x 34 cm
Mount 24x20"
£ 52.00
£ 65.00

PRINTS (Home printed "Giclées")
(See Page " Contact ", for Craft and Quality details)

MOUNTED on rigid backboard, with colour matching mount, under plastic protection - or FRAMED (unbreakable glass).
Normal size : Picture = 27 x 19cm - outside size mounted 14 x 11" (35.5x28cm) = £ 16.00 - with frame : £ 25.00
A4+ Size :   Picture = 29x20.5 cm - outside size mounted 16x12" (40.5x30.5cm)= £ 19.00 - with frame : £ 28.00
Large A3 size : Picture = 38 x 28 cm - printed specially, on request, with or without mount or frame.
Prices vary from £ 25.00 (with mount 20x16") to £ 36.00 (framed)
A5 (18.5 x 14.5 cm)
A6 (14.5 x 10 cm)
Standard, one-fold, with envelope :
Special request - with photo/text/poem :
Same, with added inside text :
£ 1.60
£ 2.10
£ 2.80
£ 1.00
Mail-orders for cards accepted, by minimum quantity of 5 (of same or different designs).
N.B. All prints and cards are produced individually : no mass printing.
© All designs and paintings displayed on this website are protected by Copyright and may not be reproduced withoutthe authors' permission,
nor used for commercial purpose.

For any information, please call
(or pay a visit to) :

Helene Garcet
Lonbuie Cottage,
(Beauly) - IV4 7JJ

Tel. 01463 / 741151 (Int. 0044-1463/741151)

Orders can be sent by e-mail,
payment by cheque, or preferably
by direct payment from your bank
on my bank account, which would be
notified on request.
See Personal Details/Contact
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