When living in Belgium, a busy
professional life left me too little time
for artistic activities.
A few years ago, I retired in Scotland,
country of so many refreshing peaceful

Living in such a generous nature
stimulated my wish to go back to
drawing and painting as a main hobby,
trying to express and share with others
the beauty of our landscapes, our wild
nature and environment.
My Works
Lochletter Bridge, last stone bridge of the Glen, on Loch Meikle
Home made on my P.C. :
What is it ?
Nothing to do with the traditional commercial lithos,
even the so-called "limited edition". Giclée is from the
French word meaning "to squirt or spray". The Giclée
printing method is a high-resolution inkjet process,
the ink being sprayed directly onto the paper.
How ?
The original watercolour is first digitized and then printed
individually, by an inkjet printer, on a high "Artist" quality
rag paper, ("torchon"), the same as I use to paint the
original itself.
The process
is rather slow, making each "print" a unique
production, the closest match to an original watercolour,
even often difficult to tell the print from the original work.
A few examples of prints, unframed

for all occasions : Size 18.5x14.5 and 14.5x10 cm, presented
in a plastic cover bag, with matching envelope.

Personalized Greeting Cards / Holiday card, made to order,
featuring your own portrait or figure set among either
a Scottish landscape, or any other subject, or your own text
or poem, laid out and printed on one of our floral pictures.

Other Printing Works : Covers for brochures, small frames
containing any text, motif, poem or design of your choice,
Banners, Posters, Invitation cards or illustrated Menu cards.

An assortment of cards
The Calendar

Every year a great success at our craft fairs or exhibitions
Always illustrated with my own watercolours or pastels, they vary in style and size following inspiration, and remain of pratical use all year round, either lined or with squared boxes keeping trace of your activities or appointments.

Entirely home made, including the printing, cut and
assembly, "spiral" bound, with plastified back and face covers, and a hanging tie, it may be appreciated as a small Christmas present.

Available in English or French versions,
Prices range from £ 5.00 to £ 8.00, according to size or style.

The 2006 Calendar (English version)
See page "Info-Prices" for all details, sizes and presentation of our cards and prints.
©All designs and paintings displayed on this website are protected by Copyright and may not be reproduced without the authors'permission,
nor used for commercial purpose.

Contact me
(Do come and see me when staying in Scotland)

Helene Garcet
Lonbuie Cottage,
(Beauly) - IV4 7JJ

Tel. 01463 / 741151 (Int.0044-1463/741151)

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